Vogel Victorious in All-Star Finale

By Ernie Raschke, 10/4/2017

Under clear, cool, blue skies the final All Star race of 2017 was held at Lebanon Valley Dragway on Sunday, October 1st. Forty-Four dedicated sportsman racers showed up to do battle. Bob Vogel

The third round began with a double break-out affair between Bob Vogel’s M/SA ’89 Mustang and Adam Strang’s E/S ’68 Firebird. Vogel would emerge victorious 11.97 (11.99 dial) to Strang’s flagrant 10.62 (10.66 dial). Keith Sansone’s 10.54 (10.53) from his E/SA ’66 Chevy II got the best of Dave Casey’s 11.40 (11.35) from his G/S ’86 Camaro. Bob Broadbent’s 10.03 (10.01) from his A/S ’69 Camaro held off Tom Boucher’s 9.47 (9.46) from his GT/DA ’96 Firebird. Wood Pagano’s 10.30 (10.29) from his B/SA ’70 Nova would dispatch Marc LaBrecque’s 10.15 (10.16) break out from his GT/TC ’02 S-10 Pick Up. Ron Morehead’s 10.16 (10.14) from his GT/GA ’82 Camaro defeated Greg Sutherland’s 9.99 from his SS/GA Nova. Lee Valentine had the bye in his K/SA ’85 Camaro and he would lose in the quarterfinals to Ron Morehead in a double breakout 10.14 (10.15) to 11.84 (11.89). Bob Vogel then defeated a red lighting Keith Sansone 11.97 to 10.53. Bob Broadbent’s dial matching 10.03 was too much for Pagano’s red lighting 10.28 (10.29) pass.

Semi finals saw Vogel’s dial matching 11.96 held off Morehead’s 10.18 (10.14). Broadbent had the bye into the final, and his red light gave Vogel the win with a 11.96 (11.95). Congratulations to Bob Vogel on his win.

Todd BednazAfter Saturday’s rain postponed the annual shootout, it was decided to run the event at the conclusion of the regular race. As the sun set and the track temp got cooler the final pair of the 16 car field pitted Dan Lynch’s G/SA ’69 Camaro versus Todd Bednaz and his ‘868 C/S Camaro. Bednaz would emerge victorious in the final when lynch fouled with a red light start.



Congratulations to Jim Whitehead - 2017 All Star Champion!

Jim Whitehead Points


Stickles Stifles All-Star Field

By Ernie Raschke, 7/31/2017

To complete the double header weekend , All Star race #5 was held at New England Dragway Sunday July 30th. Thirty six of class racing’s best showed up under sunny blue skies. Stickles

Round 3 began with Tim Stickles’ 12.06 from his M/SA 1980 Malibu holding off Dean Cook’s 11.57 from his new E/SA 71 Mustang Mach 1. In a double breakout race Jim Penta’s 10.58 (10.66) held off Eric Merryfield’s 10.51 (10.59) from his 92 Dakota. Bob Letellier’s swift FS/SSE COPO Camaro ran a dial matching 9.68 forcing Bob Bruneau to breakout with a 9.02 (9.04) from his fleet SS/TA 2000 S10 pickup. In another double breakout race, Tom Boucher’s 9.52 (9.54) from his GT/FA '97 Firebird bettered Dean Ribeiro’s 12.00 (12.02) from his 77 L/SA Firebird.

Chris Butcher had the bye and would beat Boucher in the first match up of the quarterfinals 11.05 (11.04) to a 9.54 (9.51). Tim Stickles would be the benefactor of a red light start by Jim Penta’s SS/JA '98 Firebird 11.96 to 10.60. Bob Letellier had the bye into the semi finals where he defeated Chris Butcher with a .012 initiated 9.70 (9.68) to a dial matching 11.04.

Tim Stickles had the bye and would face Letellier in the final. Stickles would emerge victorious over Letellier 11.99 (11.96) to a 9.71 (9.68) with a winning margin a close .005!!

Bednaz Bests All-Star Field

By Ernie Raschke, 7/29/2017

Todd BednazUnder cool, cloudy conditions, All-Star race #4 got underway at New England Dragway. Thirty six class racers showed up to do battle on the double race weekend on Saturday, July 29th.

Round 3 began with Bob Vogel’s 12.20 (12.18) from his M/SA ’88 Mustang the benefactor of Bob Moran’s red lighting 10.62 (10.60) from his B/SA ’69 Camaro. In a battle of stick shift Camaro’s, Todd Bednaz’s dial-matching 10.51 dispatched Bob Broadbent’s 10.12 (10.11) from his A/S ’69 Camaro. Brian Fink’s 11.72 (11.71) from his L/SA ’81 Malibu held off Gregg Sutherland’s dial matching 9.96 from his SS/GA ’66 Nova. Paul Sutherland’s .001 initiated 10.51 (10.48) from his SS/IA ’66 Chevy II Wagon defeated Brad Rose’s breakout 11.16 (11.19) from his ’67 F/SA Camaro. Dean Ribeiro had the bye in his L/SA ’77 Firebird.

Quarterfinal action began with an L/SA heads-up match between Dean Rebeiro and Brian Fink. Fink would prevail 11.71 to 11.92. Todd Bednaz’s 10.53 (10.49) from his C/S ’68 Camaro would get past Bob Vogel’s break-out 12.18 (12.19). Paul Sutherland had the bye.

Semi-finals began with Brian Fink emerging victorious over Paul Sutherland in a double break-out affair 11.69 (11.71) to 10.48 (10.51). Todd Bednaz had the bye and would square off with Brian Fink in the final. Fink’s red-light start would give Bednaz the win, 10.51 (10.50) to a 11.67 (11.70). Another race will be held here at New England Dragway tomorrow, July 30th.

Ehle Emerges Victorious in All-Star Make-up

By Ernie Raschke, 7/9/2017

Ernie EAll-Star Race #3 was finally run at Lebanon Valley on July 9th. As that old cliché third time is the charm reverted to fruition, the race got done on the third attempt. Thirty seven dedicated racers showed up to do battle in the questionable conditions which all turned out good.

Round 3 began with Jim Whitehead’s 11.72 (11.70) from his I/SA ’86 Firebird defeating Dave Casey’s 11.43 (11.42) effort from his G/S Camaro. Ernie Ehle’s 11.54 (11.52) from his E/SA ’66 Nova held off the 10.60 pass from Todd Bednaz and his C/S ’68 Camaro. Chris Butcher used a 11.30 from his H/SA ’86 Camaro to get by Carl Lubucha’s 13.33 from his neat ’55 Chevy Q/SA entry.

In a battle of S-10 Pickups, Marc Labrecque’s 10.25 (10.23) from his GT/TC 2002 defeated a breakout 9.00 (9.01) from Bob Bruneau’s SS/AT 2000 S-10. Dan Lynch’s .017 initiated 11.44 (11.40) from his H/SA Camaro forced Billy Harper to break-out with a 11.06 (11.09 dial) from his strong G/SA ’69 Nova.

Quarterfinal action saw Ehle’s 11.48 from the Nova defeating Chris Butcher’s red light start. Jim Whitehead’s 11.69 (11.71) from his Firebird was less flagrant than Danny Lynch’s 11.37 (11.40) from his Camaro.

Marc Labrecque has the bye and in the semi-finals a (-.003) foul would advance Ernie Ehle’s 11.50 (11.43 dial).

Jim Whitehead had the bye and opposed Ehle in the final. Ehle would emerge victorious over Whitehead in a double break-out affair 11.475 (11.48) to a losing 11.675 (11.69).

All-Start Races 4 & 5 will be held at New England Dragway the last weekend in July (7/29 & 30).

Whitehead Wades Through All Star Field

By Ernie Raschke, 6/25/2017 Jim Whitehead

The opening event at Lebanon Valley on Saturday, June 24th was rained out for the All-Stars and was rescheduled to July 8th. However, Sunday the ASRA was ready to go with 53 cars answering the call under threatening skies.

Quarterfinal action began with Tom Boucher’s .001 initiated 9.89 (9.94) from his ’87 GT/IA Camaro was defeated by Tim Stickle’s 12.04 (12.09) in a double break-out affair. Rob Valenta’s 11.33 (11.32) from his ’73 H/SA Nova held off Chris Butcher’s break-out 11.06 (11.13) from his G/SA ’86 Camaro. Ken Robinson’s 10.86 from his D/SA ’67 Camaro was the benefactor of a red-light start from Bob Vogel’s M/SA ’89 Mustang. Jim Whitehead sped to an 11.62 from his I/SA ’86 Firebird on the Bye.

Semi-Finals saw Rob Valenta’s dial matching 11.29 from his Nova forced Ken Robinson’s break-out 10.849 on his 10.85 dial. Jim Whitehead’s 11.63 (11.61) got past Tim Stickle’s ’80 M/SA Malibu who broke out with a 12.02 (12.04 dial).

The final pitted Whitehead vs Valenta with Jim’s dial matching 11.61 taking the measure of Valenta’s 11.287 (11.29) breakout. Next Race for ASRA will be the make-up on July 8th.

Gregg Sutherland Successful in ASRA Opener

By Ernie Raschke, 5/17/2017

Gregg SUnder cool gray skies the 2017 All Star season kicked off at New England Dragway. Thirty four dedicated sportsmen racers showed up under threatening clouds.

Round 3 began with Tom Boucher’s 9.77 from his GT/IA ’86 Camaro defeating Brian Fink’s 11.64 (11.62 dial) effort from his L/SA Malibu. In a double breakout affair Bob Bruneau’s stout 8.87(8.88) from his GT/TA Chevy S-10 got the best of Dan Lynch’s 11.18 (11.21) from his H/SA ’69 Camaro. John Gray’s 9.95 (9.94) from his neat A/SA ’69 Camaro forced Billy Harper to a 10.92 (10.93) breakout from his F/SA ’69 Nova. In a battle of Big Block 69 Camaros , Steve Rehm’s 427 AA/SA defeated Bob Broadbent’s 396 A/S with a dial matching 10.00 to Broadbent’s 10.10 (10.09) Gregg Sutherland had the bye and would face John Gray in the quarter finals.

Sutherland would emerge victorious over Gray’s Camaro with the SS/GA ’66 Chevy II 10.00 to 9.95. Bob Bruneau’s dial matching 8.86 from his GT/TA truck would force Tom Boucher with a 9.73 (9.75 dial). Steve sped to a 9.98 bye run and would face off with Gregg Sutherland in the semis.

Gregg’s .015 initiated dial matching 9.99 defeated Rehm’s valiant 9.99 (9.98) effort. Bob Bruneau sped to a 9.91 on the semi final bye and would face Sutherland in the final.

Bruneau would red light in the final and Gregg Sutherland’s 10.01 (9.99) pass brought home the gold.



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